Project Description

Mine Survey & Geotechnical and Hydrology Data Collection & Processing

Project Scope

  • 3.1. Mine Survey

The scope of services as follows:

    • To perform laser scan of Gold mine walls, tunnel and above ground.
    • Perform laser scan using Maptek Inter Ramp compliance for heat-map, crest and toe position compliance against design
    • Laser Scan with a resolution of point density 4-8
    • Provide processed scan data Maptek Inter Ramp compliance and the results on a bi-weekly basis
    • Provide processed scan data and the results on a bi-weekly basis
    • Survey Prism movement using Total Robotic or the like, both mines and above ground facilities, 50 Prisms per day
    • Provide processed survey data and results of Prism readings on a bi-weekly basis
    • Manage all data and store it in the database
  • 3.2. Geotech and Hydrology Data Collection

The scope of services as follows:

    • Scanline mapping for certain areas to obtain detailed data for special Geotech analysis purposes. Mapping length 100 m/day.
    • Mapping rockmass classification: Rock Mass Rating (RMR), Tunneling Quality Index (Q) and Geology Strength Index (GSI).
    • Mapping of new opening areas resulting from shovel mucking, new heading/development, mapping length based on the availability of new openings
    • Pit Wall assessment for design compliance and wall damage mapping due to blasting
    • Installation of Geotech monitoring tools such as Prism, Inclinometer, Extensometer, FOG (Fall of Ground), Radar, Total Robotic, VWP, Flume.
    • Geotechnical logging and sample for Geotechnical test
    • Ground support POT (Pull Out Tes) and ground support installation QAQC
    • Groundwater table measurements in each Hydrology wells
    • Measurement of water flow in flume monitoring
    • Water sample collection
    • Seepage mapping
    • Manage all data and store it in the database

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