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Darkstone provides comprehensive electrical services to industrial customers. Our skilled electricians handle projects ranging from maintenance to automation, electrical installation, and preventative maintenance programs. We specialize in medium and low voltage switchgears, power cables, instrumentation, lightning protection, and more.

Partnering with Darkstone for electrical services brings numerous benefits. Our experienced electricians ensure increased energy efficiency, reduced operating costs, minimized downtime, code compliance, and enhanced equipment longevity. We deliver reliable solutions tailored to industrial, manufacturing, and processing plants’ specific needs.

Highest Expectations

At Darkstone, we strive to surpass the highest expectations of our industrial customers with our electrical services. Leveraging our experience and expertise, we focus on increasing energy efficiency, reducing operating costs, and preventing costly downtime due to electrical system failures. Our services also prioritize code compliance, safety, fire prevention, and equipment longevity.

By partnering with Darkstone, you can expect reliable solutions that meet your specific needs, minimize repair and replacement costs, and enhance the efficiency and longevity of your electrical systems.

Service Includes

  • Medium Voltage Switchgears

  • Power Transformers

  • Low Voltage Switchgears

  • Power Cables

  • Control Cables

  • Instrumentation and Tubing


We offer a range of electrical services, including medium and low voltage switchgears, power transformers, power and control cables, instrumentation, and more.

Yes, we integrate preventative maintenance programs to ensure the reliability and longevity of electrical systems, reducing the risk of downtime and costly repairs.

By partnering with Darkstone, you can benefit from increased energy efficiency, reduced operating costs, minimized downtime, code compliance, enhanced safety, and improved equipment longevity.

Yes, our skilled electricians can assist with automation projects, including process equipment design, PLC and DCS panels, control systems, and PLC programming.

Absolutely. Darkstone's experience and expertise allow us to understand the specific needs of industrial environments, and we tailor our electrical services to meet those requirements.

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