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Darkstone offers comprehensive mechanical services for industrial and general mechanical needs. From meticulous equipment installation to turnkey solutions, we provide tailored and effective solutions for projects. Our team ensures creativity, flexibility, and adherence to deadlines in meeting functional and budgetary requirements.

By choosing Darkstone for mechanical services, clients gain a true partner for their industrial needs. Our certified mechanics deliver precise installations, turnkey solutions, and effective project realization. We offer creativity, flexibility, and a commitment to meeting deadlines, providing value and satisfaction to our clients.

Highest Expectations

At Darkstone, we strive to exceed the highest expectations of our clients in the field of mechanical services. With our permanent team of certified industrial mechanics, we ensure meticulous and precise equipment installations. Our turnkey solutions encompass all aspects of project realization, tailored to meet functional and budgetary requirements.

Darkstone is recognized for its facilitating approach, flexibility, autonomy, and rigorous adherence to deadlines. Trust us as your true partner for industrial mechanical needs, where effective solutions and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

Service Includes

  • Equipment Installation: Meticulous Precision

  • Turnkey Solutions: Comprehensive Approach

  • Maintenance Services: Heavy Industries

  • Commissioning and Testing: Seamless Start-up

  • Thermal Insulation: Energy Efficiency

  • Upgradation Projects: Complete Solutions


We offer major repairs, replacement of pipe skids and cooling ducts, steel and plate patching works, bucket elevators and conveyors maintenance, and periodical maintenance for flat, bar, and rod plants.

Our services for other plants include upgrade projects, patching, ducts, and expansion joints' works, maintenance of mills liners and bearings, kiln maintenance, conveyors maintenance, crushers maintenance, and maintenance of various equipment in the production process.

Yes, Darkstone provides turnkey solutions for upgradation projects, handling all aspects of project realization to ensure a comprehensive and seamless experience for our clients.

Darkstone is committed to rigorous respect for deadlines. We carefully plan projects, allocate resources efficiently, and have a flexible approach to adapt to any unforeseen circumstances, ensuring timely completion.

Darkstone stands out with its permanent team of certified industrial mechanics, creativity in offering effective solutions, facilitating approach, flexibility, autonomy, and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and meeting expectations.

We Build Building and Great Homes.

We successfully cope with tasks of varying complexity, provide long-term guarantees and regularly master new technologies.

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